Ways to teach values

It is difficult to teach values, such as appreciation and kindness towards others, to toddlers and pre-schoolers but the best possible lesson is to get them involved from a young age as action speaks louder than words.  Children learn what they live, so example is the best teacher.

As we approach the second half of the year, with Christmas just less than 6 months away AGAIN, now is the time to get your children to clear out their toy boxes.  There are lessons in this simple chore such as giving to those less fortunate than themselves and an understanding of how lucky they are.  There are many charities and children’s homes that would gladly accept your clear outs.

Another wonderful initiative to involve your children in is ‘The Santa Shoebox Project’.   This is an annual drive to reach as many under privileged children in South Africa and bring joy to their lives by pledging a shoebox filled with requirements.  This is such a fun project and an easy way to make a difference in another child’s life and your child will experience the joy of giving.   For older children, a small amount can be donated from their own pocket money each month, ensuring self-satisfaction.

Because of people like you 118,274 children received Santa Shoeboxes in 2013. But with all good things, the list continues to grow and in order to ensure that every single recipient child on the name-list receives a Santa Shoebox, the project needs more donors.

One simply registers to donate a shoebox via their website.  A list of recipients will be published on 1 September 2014 and one chooses which gender and age one wants to support.  Instructions are then emailed to you with the content requirements and the drop-off date and point in your area.

Share in the joy and happiness…after all charity begins at home!  Not only will you make a difference to another child’s life but your own child will have learnt a life lesson only learnt through experience.

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