We are loving TEMPUR sleep solutions!

As a mom, being exhausted and slightly achy all the time is part of the package… an acceptable downside to creating a perfect little being. But then, three months ago, the world leaders’ in sleep, Vencasa, sent me one of their TEMPUR pillows to review…

TEMPUR promises to deliver perfect sleep through science, intriguing me immediately. Because the TEMPUR range is an expensive investment, I decided to do long term testing before sharing my thoughts…

The result? We are loving TEMPUR sleep solutions!

Who is Vencasa?

Vencasa is the home of perfect sleep, thanks to 3+ decades of experience and an incredible product range. Besides TEMPUR, they also represent Magniflex, Sealy, Reed Family Linens, TEMPRAKON© and their own Signature range. You can shop on their user-friendly website, with amazing educational information to help you make the best choice. If you can, stop by one of their stores though… There is nothing like the personal experience of the products and their knowledgable team!

Vencasa prides themselves on a deep appreciation and understanding of the science behind sleep. They ensure that all the products they develop and sell are medically and scientifically sound, the result of exhaustive research.

Who is TEMPUR?

TEMPUR began when, many years ago, NASA set out to create a material to evenly distribute weight and pressure, cushioning and supporting astronauts during the strain of lift-off. This material became TEMPUR…

Their team of scientists and engineers continue to develop and expand TEMPUR technology to create a collection of mattresses, sleep systems and pillows to offer the best sleep solutions. Their success is such that they have the only mattress and pillow recognised by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation!

We are loving TEMPUR Vencasa(1)
Considerations when choosing the perfect pillow

After your mattress, the most important part of your sleeping solution is your pillow. I have spent my whole life in search of the perfect pillow. For various reasons I have terrible posture and this carries through into sleep. I cycle through pillows; changing materials, firmness, size and shape night after night, year after year…

Did you know that there is such a thing as the RIGHT pillow for you? Finding THE ONE needs careful thought and consideration. From the experts at Vencasa:
  • Allergies: Should your pillow be down or a hypoallergenic synthetic material?
  • Sleep Position: Do you sleep on your side, your back or your stomach? There are pillows designed and specially shaped to support the backs, heads, necks and shoulders of sleepers of all kinds.
  • Shoulder breadth: Particularly if you sleep on your side. Broader shoulders require a larger pillow to keep the head and neck level while you sleep.
  • Back and neck pain: Reduce muscular tension by choosing a pillow that adapts to the contours of your spine and supports you while you sleep.

Which, of course, brings us to the TEMPUR pillows and my review!

We are loving TEMPUR featured

TEMPUR has a range of classic traditionally shaped pillows available in soft, medium and firm. The shape may be familiar, but the quality of materials is all TEMPUR. There is even a pillow made with special Climate Material, with vented sides, to reduce sweating and keep you cool.

The true magic lies in the TEMPUR ergonomic pillow collection.

Each pillow of the collection is specially shaped to support the body’s natural curve when sleeping in a specific position.

We are loving Tempur pillow pileAs a tummy sleeper, Vencasa sent me the TEMPUR Ombracio Pillow.

The special design, shape, material and the pillow cover are designed for better ventilation and comfort when on your stomach.

I fell in love with the pillow the second I touched it. The TEMPURfit Ombracio pillowcase is the softest material you can possibly imagine. It is woven with fine yarn and a close-meshed knit and fits snugly over the unique shape of the pillow.

We are loving TEMPUR thickness insert

And the TEMPUR material really lives up to the hype. I have never felt anything like it, so it is tough to describe. It is plump and almost doughy, it’s incredibly soft and squishy… Without doubt the most comfortable pillow I’ve slept on. I love the way it moulds itself around the shape of my head and neck, providing complete support.

I have been sleeping on my Ombracio for three months. There is a definite improvement on the quality of my sleep, not needing to reposition the pillow constantly helps! As a result, I wake far less and in the morning I feel rested. The cover is easy to clean and it remains soft to the touch after weekly washes.

We are loving tempur Cover Image

Finding myself sleeping on my side more often, thanks to a small human wanting to be little spoon many a night, I am considering investing in the TEMPUR Sonata or the TEMPUR Original pillow as well.

Both have unique shaping to provide the best support for side sleepers. I suspect I will need the Sonata, as I tend to curl into a foetal position, tucking my chin close to my chest. The curve of the Sonata pillow is perfect for this position.

For those who sleep on their backs, there is the TEMPUR Millennium Pillow. It offers several design features to align the spine and provide therepeutic support of the upper vertebrae.

Finally, there is the Symphony pillow, which is two pillows in one. Side sleepers can slip their shoulder below the pillow on one side. While the other side arches gently supporting the head and neck when sleeping on your back.

As a result of my TEMPUR pillow, I believe my sleep life is better. Of course, everybody is different… That said, I think that the TEMPUR range has a pillow to address those differences.

We are loving Tempur barnacles

I never thought I could confidently come online and say that spending R2000 on a pillow could change your sleep forever… But, here I am.

As moms, we easily save up to provide for our families… To spoil the kids or partner with the best gifts for Christmas. Or to constantly replace the clothing and shoes the little ones are constantly outgrowing.

Put a TEMPUR pillow on the top of YOUR Christmas list this year (or a Vencasa Gift Card)! Or take advantage of the Vencasa finance options so you can buy one for yourself. You are investing in a 3 year stretch of deeper, more supported comfortable sleep! What more could a mom ask for?!

*You can find more about the Things We Love here!

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