Weight Gain During Pregnancy

To ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy for both mom and baby, it is essential to keep a close eye on your weight.

The amount of weight you gain can often affect the size and general health of your baby when it is born. You will discover that generally women who do not gain a lot of weight will tend to have a small baby, while on the other hand, women who gain excessive weight may tend to have a premature or very large baby.

During pregnancy it is vital too eat healthy, maintain a balanced diet and ensure that you and your baby get all the nutrients that is required. Although you will gain excess weight, it is not necessary to “eat for two”.

The majority of weight gained during pregnancy is the weight of your baby. Your baby’s weight may average at approximately 4kg’s. The remainder of the weight you gain is due to various changes your body is currently undergoing. The recommended average weight gain during pregnancy is roughly 12-18kg’s. However, this may differ from one woman to the next and it is advisable to see your doctor and consult with them regarding healthy weight gain.

As you begin to rapidly gain weight, it is normal to feel slightly depressed and emotional. Your body is undergoing massive change and your hormones begin to rule. Bear in mind that a healthy amount of weight gain will benefit your baby in the long term. The weight will also fall off once you have given birth. Many women even lose a few kg’s right before giving birth as their hormones already begin to reduce.

Every woman is unique and therefore their body will react differently. Don’t be upset by weight gain during pregnancy, it is completely normal and there is nothing more beautiful than a glowing, happy, positive new mom-to-be.


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