Win 1 of 3 Nature’s Farms Hampers

Remember the What’s Cooking with Charly recipe we put together with amazing proudly South African farmer brand Nature’s Farms? We have grown to love their products and continue to support the brand by buying them from our local Pick n Pay!

GWK Farm Foods, who produce the Nature’s Farms range, have put together 3 hampers JUST for you!ย  Each hamper contains their Pasta range (screws, elbows, shells, spaghetti, macaroni and penne), 3 different kinds of flour (wheaten cake flour, white bread flour and brown bread flour), their white maize and 4 packets of fresh biscuits (ginger, shortbread, choc chip and black forest).

Nature's Farms

GWK is owned by local farmers who are involved at every step of the production process. They supply input to and support farmers with the latest trends and technology. Theyย  ensure the best channels to market for products from the farms.

Nature’s Farms looks after the environment by recycling water and saving energy. The farmers who grow the produce and deliver it to the mills, own GWK Farm Foods. This means it is always the same and always the highest quality!

GWK built a container dam at their plant for the collection and recycling of storm water and purified sewage water. This water is used to irrigate the gardens. They installed energy-saving lighting and motors for propulsion. They also looked at the orientation of the building when designing the plant so that the influence of sunlight during the hot summers could be reduced to a minimum.

The names of the farms you are supporting when buying their products right on the stunning packaging of each product line!

Or you can enter right here and win 1 of 3 Nature’s Farms hampers we are giving away!!

Nature's Farms arrival

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