Win 2 weeks of ZuluMites Activity Classes

A short while ago we welcomed LinguaMites Multiplingual Education into the Tums 2 Tots family on our business directory. We also launched Little Learners with LinguaMites with a great column on the imporance of family learning. We are giving one Johannesburg reader a chance to win 2 weeks of ZuluMites Activity Classes!

LinguaMites aims to raise a generation of South African children that are able to speak more than one language. They do this through various initiatives, including the first trilingual preschool in South Africa and their ZuluMites programme.

“We believe that all children have the ability to learn new languages in the early years,” says Meryl Bailey, founder of LinguaMites. “We need to maximise this potential by exposing them to languages when they are young.”

LinguaMites believes that language cannot be taught in isolation. This means everything at LinguaMites is activity-based, so that language is learnt as part of life. They create a necessity to communicate and learn in very specific environments, using fun-filled activities.

ZuluMites Sport

ZuluMites Activities

ZuluMites is the first activities-based language programme combining the necessity to learn an African language, with opportunities to learn developmentally appropriate skills. Children engage in cooking, music and sport activities that target practical vocabulary, in a fun and interactive learning environment where no English is spoken.

Programmes target children between the ages of 4 and 8 years old. They take place at various times at one of 3 venues around Johannesburg (Fairways, Randburg and Parktown).

ZuluMites Arts & Crafts

Why isiZulu?

isiZulu is spoken as a first language by over 20% of South Africa’s population and is the most widely spoken second language in the country.

From a language perspective, isiZulu is a Bantu language, a family of related languages that stretch as far north as the equator. A good foundation in a Bantu language will be valuable to any child living in Sub-Saharan Africa.

From a social perspective, the historical segregation of racial groups in South Africa has resulted in a lack of interaction between people groups, particularly between white and black. This is an enormous obstacle to the development of our nation in terms of the economy, education, sport, the arts, and most critically, our society.

The ZuluMites programme breaks down such barriers by embracing the Zulu language and culture. This allows the next generation to understand and respect each other in ways that have not been possible before.

ZuluMites Banner

Every child in South Africa needs to learn an African language from Grade R to matric. LinguaMites believe that a strong foundation in isiZulu in the formative years will be a great benefit in your child being successful in the language throughout their school career.

LinguaMites uses fun and engaging methods for quality isiZulu teaching. They even have a YouTube Channel where you can learn a new isiZulu word every day!

ZuluMites is passionate about the next generation speaking Zulu. They offer training, resources and activity-based programmes for isiZulu language learning for families, children, caregivers and schools.

ZuluMites cooking

LinguaMites is offering one of our Joburg readers two weeks of ZuluMites activities valued at R800!

They offer Sport, Cooking & Baking and Art & Crafts. All lessons are entirely in isiZulu in a fun and interactive way. This maximises learning and engages the children in activities and settings they most enjoy.

Do you have children or grandchildren between 4 and 8 years old? Head over and like the ZuluMites and LinguaMites Facebook Pages!


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We will announce our winner on Friday 30 September! We will select another winner if we are unable to reach you before midnight on Friday 7 October, .

*This competition is sadly only open to those currently residing in Johannesburg South Africa with children between age 4 and 8*




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