Win a Bellabaci Skin get a Life Kit

This Kit is just what you need if you want to rid your body of unwanted elasticity loss, scars or stretch marks.

With the combination of the perfect exfoliation, powerful product treatment, combined with the simplified healing modality of cupping therapy, Bellabaci will grant your wish and give you the skin you have always dreamed of.  All ingredients are of the highest quality, chosen by our medical panel, to give you the best results. The Kese (exfoliating glove) rids your skin of any dead skin cell tissue or debris, ensuring deep product penetration and silky smooth skin. Easy to use and with visible results, you can once again say hello to smooth, toned and deeply nourished skin.

Bellabaci Skin get a Life Kit includes:
1 x Body Massage Set (1 soft, 1 hard cup)
1 x 120ml Skin get a Life Genie
1 x Kese (exfoliating glove)

  1. Absolutely love your website.My little one is fast becoming a toddler now,time flies way to fast

  2. Thank you so very much for always giving us amazing competitions,am expecting the little and am sooooo excited about baby competitions that you normally run..

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