Best gifts from Woolworths this Mother’s Day

In the fast pace of our daily lives, it’s often hard to spend quality time with your loved ones. Of all the things to give this Mother’s Day, give the gift that carries no price tag… Your time. Woolworths shares 6 ways to maximise that special time with the top ladies in your life… Whether that’s your mom, your aunt, your best friend, sister, or your grandmother.

Be sure to share your favourite of these great ideas from Woolworths…

Tea time catch ups

Catching up over a cup of hot tea and a tasty treat is the best way to spend time together. Spend time with that special woman, your best friend, your confidante, and often the voice of reason, over Woolies’ delicious new tea offerings. The range includes the revitalising Dawn Chorus, the African flavour infused Sanibonani, Peach & Apricot Rooibos, or warming Vanilla Chai.

Don’t forget to indulge that sweet tooth (the one you inherited from your mom!). Woolies has some very special Mother’s Day treats in stores! Chocolate and cinnamon muffin in a mug, an indulgent wedge of Cranberry and Macadamia Nut Nougat dipped in milk chocolate, dessert inspired date balls… If tea isn’t your thing, try Woolworths delicious and cleverly packaged hot chocolate in a jar, paired with a buttery heart-shaped soet koekie biscuit.

Woolworths Mothers Day tea coffee
Gin o’ clock

After tea time, it is gin o’ clock thanks to Woolworths gin infuser! The infuser contains a fragrant collection of uplifting spices, and comes in a beautiful glass bottle. Just add gin, ice, and good conversation!

Beauty and Bubbles

Have a girls’ night in with bubbles and pampering. Spoil your mom with a selection of her favourite beauty products. Choose fragrances from Issey Miyake Pure or Michael Kors Wonderlust. Or vibrantly packaged Exotica body wash and hand cream, or Jasmine tea flavoured bath products. Add celebratory bubbles to the mix! A bottle of Simonsig Rosé MCC, and she’s guaranteed to kick back and relax.

Woolworth gin and bubbles
Cosy evening in

Woolworths has a great selection to choose from for a cosy night at home; from a fluffy shawl cardigan, or cuddly poncho and snug knitted boot slippers (including one pair with bunny ears), to the classic Woolies fleece dressing gown or throw – impossible not to hug.

Woolworths cuddles
Out on the town

If spending time out on the town is more up her street, Woolies has plenty of outerwear options to suit the situation, including a super stylish quilted jacket with suede trim, or gorgeous double-breasted long coat to keep her warm. Don’t forget the fabulous range of accessories to complete the outfit – from gorgeous handbags, scarves and purses, to a faux fur stole, elegant quilted gloves and a chic stud-trimmed hat.

Woolworths out
Home is where the heart is

If she’s a foodie, and the kitchen is where she loves to hang out, a beautiful bouquet of roses in a vase is a sure fire way to inject some love into her interior. You also might want to treat her to a stylish new baking dish or muffin tray, with some of her favourite freshly baked goods inside… Or a very cool Himalayan pink rock salt with grater, the perfect way to finish a dish. Package it all up in any one of Woolworths’ attractive wrapping options – from paper to gift bags, and fun cards – and you’re sorted. Unless of course you forgot, in which case, get her a last minute gift card and go and sit on the naughty step.

WW bags

It seems like an impossible task to thank someone for a lifetime of unconditional love and devotion… Quality time seems like a great place to start…

Find all of these great gift ideas and more at Woolworths stores nationwide, or online at




  1. My perfect spoil would be a little picnic with my husband and daughter. And let’s squeeze in a massage!

    This single mom would love to be blessed with this to ensure I have enough groceries and finally in years a treat for myself. Love the fragrance’s at Woolworths but can never afford them. I am the mom that goes for free samples on the day just to smell lovely even if its just for 1 day

  3. My perfect spoil would be #Cosy evening In, with my hubby, infront of the tellie under our favourite throw, catching up on our favourite series!!!#perfectwinterevenings

  4. So I love everything from woolies – but if I had to choose (I hope you are reading this Ian) Bubbles and beauty…Issey Miyake is my perfume of choice! LOL! Holding thumbs!

  5. Perfect spoil would be a shopping spree for myself. I haven’t got a chance to get anything new to wear since I’m a new mom to my 8 Months old Daughter. I would love to give my sweatpants a break this winter and look my age with few outfits that will make me look like the yummy mommy that I am🙌🏽🙌🏽😍

  6. Having such a hard time with this! Home is where the heart is or teatime or beauty and bubbles… So difficult. Love Woolies goodies!

  7. What great products on this post! I LOVE the snug knitted boot slippers!! #WOOLIESLOVESMOMS

  8. Out on the town would be perfect , I literally have no budget for winter clothes with a baby and budget being strained. I would love a few items to keep me warm for work or out of town. It would help so much so I dont go through winter freezing again

  9. I am a single mom and battle to make ends meet monthly so wining this would me with groceries and a treat for myself wether it be bath salts to relax or a perfume or shoes these things I can only dream of. I dont know when last I bought myself anything as I always make sure my son has what he needs

  10. #WOOLIESLOVESMOMS and Adrian Pretorius my perfect spoil would be a Cosy evening in with a gorgeous comfy fluffy shawl and boot slippers with bunny ears 🙂
    Awesome Prize ❤️
    Nancy Pretorius

  11. Perfect spoil would be a pair of soft and fluffy slippers, some chocolate and a bottle of bubbly.. oh and a day of NO CHORES haha

  12. my absolute spoil would be the Michale Kors fragrance, Wanderlust xxxx hint hint hubby

  13. A beautiful bunch of fresh flowers, a box of chocolates from Woolworths and my family with me.

  14. #WOOLIESLOVESMOMS would share my special moment with hubby indoors with woolies Pj’s and comfy slippers because we are expecting a baby boy indoors will be great so he can pamper us.

  15. My perfect spoil would be some new ‘I’m a hot mama’ clothing to celebrate my new post baby body. I’m half way to my goal weight 😬

  16. My perfect mothers day will be tea and catch up. Nothing I love more than spending time with the family. I love having a big Mothers day celebrating my own motherhood and its the best that I can have my own mom and mother in law with me.

  17. I cannot decide between a cosy night in and a night on the town. A cosy night in means quiet, calm, and a LOT of sleep, and a night out would be fun, adventurous and exciting, but I’d miss the amount of sleep I’d love to catch up on… its a hard one, Theran Knighton-Fitt xxx

  18. #WOOLIESLOVESMOMS – I would love to have an all girls night in with my mom’s sister as my mom is no longer with us on earth, and spoil her as she tried to fill the empty space in my life.

  19. Tea Time Catch ups
    Will be such a delight
    To meet with mommy friends , chat, relax and unwind. Being a single mommy raising a daughter on my own is challenging, hubby passed away tragically and sadly I now play two roles of a mom and a dad.

  20. My perfect spoil would have to be a nice cozy warm pair of p.j’s with matching slippers,and maybe a gown, warm cuppa hot chocolate some yummy biscuits and chocolate along with my hubby and two boys all snuggled up on my couch enjoying a good movie!! Best times……:)

  21. Beauty and Bubbles will be perfect for me.Pampering, relaxing, divine aroma filling the air …..perfect.

    I will share with my precious family. Will treat them to delicious treats from Woolworths with this voucher

  22. Home is where the heart is. I would love to bake some muffins and cookie and watch a nice movie with hubby and my two beautiful kids on mother’s day. #WOOLIESLOVESMOMS

  23. Out on the town because I really need a new wardrobe and and need some time off from being a mother and wife. I need to breath and need to buy something for me not multi purpose gift 😎

  24. My perfect spoil… Those Woolworth slippers, Perfume, lovely mug set, Flowers and chocolates

  25. My absolute perfect spoil would be the cozy evening in, with popcorn, chocolate and a great movie, everyone cuddling in front of the tv. #Perfection

  26. I so want to spoil my grand daughter with this amazing voucher ouma is entering for you Shiloh

  27. My perfect spoils for my mum would be all her favorites of 2016 , packed in a big basket .

  28. i would love anything with Woolies, as i’m also going out of town soon #WOOLIESLOVESMOMS

  29. Beauty and Bubbles sounds like a heavenly treat – the me time to escape into my own little haven of relaxtion

  30. Go on a shopping spree and share it with my partner and our son for home goodies, winter is creeping slowly but surely and we are in need of winter items that will make the cold season pleasant and i can’t think of a better store than WOOLWORTHS SA…awesome prize indeed #WOOLIESLOVESMOMS

  31. I loooooove the sound of a cosy evening in! Snuggling up with my loves and a warm fluffy blanket and some new PJ’s and treats is just what I need!

  32. Beauty and Bubbles. Been home for the last 4 months with my newborn baby and would love to Spoil myself before I enter back into civilization LOL 😉 <3

  33. Would love to spoil myself with basket of yummy goodies for myself and hubby! And a big bottle of bubble bath aswell! Bring a Mommy of a Newborn and a toddler, there hasn’t been a lot of romantic time for us lately!

  34. My perfect spoil will have to be Beauty and Bubbles. I love a gorgeous fragrance, at the top of my list is, Pleasures by Estee Lauder & Curious by Britney Spears. I love being pampered with body massages, manicures & pedicures 🙂 #WOOLIESLOVESMOMS #EltonKoster

  35. I would love to win a girls’ night in. I could do with some pampering and bubbles make everything better:)

  36. Tea time catch ups will be my favorite spoil. I love tea/coffee dates with my friends & family 🙂

  37. The perfect spoil would definitely be Cost Evening In, I absolutely love warm wooly pj’s in winter and warm slippers on my feet, with this voucher I would spoil my mom, mom in law, my aunts and even my close frienda with a pair of woolly slippers for mother’s day to keep warm for the upcoming winter days, I can’t remember the last time I bought myself something

  38. I would love a beautiful new set of gloves and a scarf for winter to zoosh up my winter wardrobe!!

  39. My perfect Mothersday spoils would be to have a wonderful family picnic on the beach! I love the oscean and my family. There must be an awesome picnic basket fulled with all my favourite things to eat and drink. I would also want my mother and father to goin us as I learned by her to be a good mother to my son! This will be my second Mothersday 😃

  40. My perfect spoil would be a dinner with wiilies seafood salads and a drink of fresh fruit juice…

  41. If I have to choose one of the above mentioned spoils, however, then my favourite spoil would be the Cosy evening in option.

  42. My perfect spoil would be a weekend away with hubby (without the kids). Doesnt matter where.

  43. My perfect spoil is lying in bed eating chocolate whilst reading a really good book.

  44. My perfect spoil will be boot slipper with a gown and a wedge of Cranberry and Macadamia Nut Nougat dipped in milk chocolate.

  45. My perfect spoil will definitely be the Home is where the heart is as this option is so me, the best time of my life is making precious memories with my son and husband, the are my life. #WOOLIESLOVESMOMS

  46. I would prefer ” Out on the town”

    If spending time out on the town is more up her street, Woolies has plenty of outerwear options to suit the situation, including a super stylish quilted jacket with suede trim, or gorgeous double-breasted long coat to keep her warm. Don’t forget the fabulous range of accessories to complete the outfit – from gorgeous handbags, scarves and purses, to a faux fur stole, elegant quilted gloves and a chic stud-trimmed hat.

  47. #WOOLIESLOVESMOMS I need a “cosy night in”! (Plus pretty pajamas and slippers for my Winter days indoors with my newborn babe!)

  48. A perfect spoil would be putchasing some lovely woolworths products and having a night in to spoil myself #WOOLIESLOVESMOMS

  49. My perfect spoils would definitely be a cosy evening in! Being a mom of a very busy 2 year old I don’t get to just have a hot bath, put on my pj’s and snuggle up with hot chocolate to watch a movie or read a book so this would be amazing!

  50. My perfect spoil would be a cosy evening in ….
    With winter coming along , I would just like to stay home… especially with my 4 boys … my husband, my 3 yr old and 4 month old twin baby boys …

  51. I would love the Issey Miayke Pure fragrance. I love Issey Miyake and would love to try this one. ♥

  52. My perfect spoil for mothers day is a gorgeous trench coat that i seen at woolies! I so desperately need one Muhammad!

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